Arts Geotech


Consultancy on conducting Surveys & Soil Investigations

  • Conducting field surveys for telecommunication sites.
  • Conducting field tests and layout surveys for RTT and GBT sites.
  • Preparation of design and drawings for towers and tower foundations.
  • Conducting all required field tests like SPT, UDS and collection of soil samples of sites of required depth.
  • Conducting all required laboratory tests on soil & water samples.
  • Creating borehole profiles and site profiles.
  • Preparation of class-A report of survey and soil investigation.

Geophysical Surveys

Arts Geotech & Infra Consultants moves with the technologically advanced – DGPS, Electronic Total Stations, connected to high-end Computing Devices (like a Hewlett Packard’s Palmtop, PCs), for conducting surveys and processing results. The use of this technology ensures.

  1. Precise and highly accurate results (An accuracy of 5mm in 1Km double run, i.e. 1: 200000 on map).
  2. Readings in x, y, and z co-ordinates
  3. Computing Horizontal Distances
  4. Computing Slope Distances
  5. Computing Vertical Distances
  6. Replaces Manual reading and collection of data (Minimal Parallax error)
  7. Does away with the drudgery of paper work
  8. Cuts down on Survey time / field work / Plotting.


  1. Construction of MSC and BSC in complete civil works.
  2. Providing and fixing False ceiling as per specifications.
  3. Providing and fixing False flooring as per specifications.
  4. Providing and fixing ALUMINIUM PARTITIONS , SECTIONS as per requirement.
  5. Providing all Interior wooden or other finishes as per requirements.
  6. Providing and fixing all kinds of exterior finishes as per requirement.


Arts Geotech & Infra Consultants providing more services to it’s valuable clients, has expanded and opened Geo – Technical consultancy in addition to the Civil Works. Our Geo – Technical Consultancy provides the following:

  • On site soil exploration – site investigations, soil & rock drilling, soil boring, collection of UDS, DS samples & conducting SPT etc. on site.
  • Special tests on site – Dynamic cone penetration test, Static Cone Penetrometer test, Plate load test, Pressure meter test, Block vibration test. Permeability & Percolation test etc..
  • Laboratory Testing – All tests required for determining soil Parameters.
  • Design Consultancy – Consultancy is provided for designing suitable Foundations required for given structure. A Detailed report prepared using special Software for computation of soil parameters giving all details, data & graphical representation is provided for given project.
  • Equipment Strength – We are fully equipped for ground explorations Up to a depth of 60m in soil and rock. Desired number of units can be provided as when required for the work.

It has already achieved completion of about Rupees Four Crore job in above said companies and further is being called for taking up more & more jobs of higher magnitude.


  1. Grouting
  2. Foundation Strengthening
  3. Building Renovations
  4. Building Repairs
  5. Excavation Protections
  6. Shoring
  7. Dewatering
  8. Chemical Treatment of Buildings

Other Solutions

  • Turn key projects for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical requirements including design.
  • Rehabilitation of old structures including analysis & design.
  • Sheet piling solutions.
  • Soldier piling solutions.
  • Dewatering solutions.
  • Contiguous piling solutions including design.
  • Side slope protection design and execution.
  • Soil and rock anchor designing and execution.

Our Capabilities

  • Conducting field surveys for sites.
  • Preparation of design and drawings for Solar Power Plants and foundations.
  • Commissioning of Plant on turnkey basis.
  • Conducting all required tests on Earthings and AC DC etc.
  • Installation of Chemical Earthing.
  • Preparation of feasibility and comparison of saving report of solar systems.
  • Supply and Installation of solar water heaters.

How we do it

Arts Geotech & Infra Consultants began its operations in construction and consultancy Services in 2003, and within a short time has created a name for itself in providing quality services.